What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC marketing (also known as pay per click advertising, SEM or search engine marketing) is paying for sponsored listings for search engine traffic when people are searching for certain products/services in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! These adverts appear as sponsored adverts on search result pages. As the names of this form of marketing suggests the way that advertisers pay for this is on a per click basis - each time someone clicks on the ad they are directed to your website and you are charged a small fee.

To be successful with a PPC advertising campaign you need strategic thinking, cutting-edge analysis and careful, on-going management. SME Advertising offers this service to businesses new to online.

Why pay per click?
The internet has developed to become a perfect market place for matching consumers to products/services and more importantly to you, it has the potential to market your business to consumers looking for your products and services. This offers a whole new type of marketing for business which is cheap, flexible and effective. With over 30 million customers now online can you afford to be left behind to let your competitors take the online market?

Pay per click offers many benefits;
You can control the amount you spend per month
You only pay for leads that are looking for your services in your local area!
Opens you up to vast internet market
The result are monitored so you can physically see the effect on your business

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