Why SME Advertising?

Why	SME Advertising?

Do you search for the products and services you provide but cannot find your company’s website? Even worse, do you search for your products/services online and find your competitors listed first?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then SME Advertising can help you! We have become specialists in online search marketing solutions for the medium sized businesses and businesses newly online. We also offer a whole range of integrated marketing services including mail shots, email marketing and press ads as well as website development.

Why Choose SME Advertising?
1. All are account managers are Google Adwords Qualified Individuals
2. We offer strategic thinking, cutting-edge analysis and careful, on-going management for all our PPC Campaigns
3. Our experts have been involved in internet marketing for over 10 years
4. We have cost effectively manage budgets from a few hundred to thousands of pounds per month
5. Our experienced team manage your campaign on a daily basis optimising your campaign to get leads cost-effectively
6. Regular transparent monthly reports showing the results of your campaign
7. All our clients experience a substantial increase in business sales due to their new found online exposure

We strongly believe that the success of our clients will bring success for SME Advertising and in this respect we always work alongside our clients’ to produce results for their businesses.

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